STRESS RELIEF (Hypnosis & Meditation Bundle)


The Stress Relief bundle is a mini mind vacation. It’s the perfect healthy escape to release stress, anxiety, traumas, and triggers. You can lighten your load and feel emotionally and physically lighter as you drift on a breeze, or float down a calming river to peaceful sleep. Begin to clear up chronic stress and old traumas from the past as well as manage the uncertainty and triggers of today. Take a deep breath and let go!

  1. The Breeze for Stress Relief (Guided Meditation)
  2. Uncertainty Anxiety (Hypnosis)
  3. Stress Desensitization (Hypnosis)
  4. Sleepy River (Hypnosis)
  5. Chakra Boost(Guided Meditation)
  6. Overcome Any Obstacle (Guided Meditation)



What you get:

  1. The Breeze for Stress Relief (Guided Meditation): Stress makes everything more difficult. Disrupt the pattern of habitual stress that’s holding you back! This guided meditation for stress relief, gently guides you through the relaxing sensation of floating on a breeze, releasing cares and worries, and gaining a more positive perspective.
  2. Uncertainty Anxiety (Hypnosis): The world looks a little different now in light of the Coronavirus pandemic and other turmoil and tragedies. Soothe your mind with this calming audio and minimize the effects of uncertainty in your life. Learn to trust yourself and rest assured that you are in the right place at the right time to live the life you are mean to live.
  3. Stress Desensitization (Hypnosis): Desensitize your fears, negative emotions and triggers to release deep discomfort. This proven technique safely guides you to a place of comfort in your mind; a place where you can begin associating a new, positive response and calmness to the things that typically provoke your stress triggers.
  4. Sleepy River (Hypnosis): Hypnosis is a wonderful way to ease into the waters of a peaceful slumber. Float away on a sleepy river while the subconscious works to bridge the gap between wakefulness and restlessness and a good night’s sleep.
  5. Chakra Boost(Guided Meditation): Enjoy this uplifting meditation to step into your empowered and enlightened self. Balance your body, mind, and spirit with this guided session. Restore your chakras, your energy systems, and your nervous system so that you feel grounded and peaceful.
  6. Overcome Any Obstacle (Guided Meditation): Every obstacle is only an obstacle because something is holding you back on a subconscious level; something you’re not consciously aware of. Discover the root of your obstacles, overcoming them and designing the life you want and how you want to feel.


IMPORTANT: You’re ordering a digital product, you will receive an email with your username and password after your purchase is complete so you can log into your meditation account portal. From your account portal you’ll be able to listen and/or download your guided meditation or hypnosis track. If you don’t see the email within 20 or 30 minutes, please check your spam folder or “other” folder (especially if you use gmail). If you still don’t receive it, email and we’ll sort it out asap!

REFUND POLICY: The Healthy Lifestyle Bundle is a non-refundable digital product.


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