Choose a Personalized Guided Hypnosis Download


Personalized Self-Hypnosis Downloads tailored to you and your specific needs.

Choose a Self-Hypnosis download personalized to your specific situation or goal. This individualized approach assists you with specific goals and to overcome challenges (patterns deep within the subconscious) and achieve life-enhancing benefits. By filling out the questionnaire, I can determine what style of hypnosis is most effective for you, know which hypnotic tools to use, as well as communicate with YOUR subconscious for optimal results.

  • Achieve faster, and more substantial results with the script that fits YOU!
  • Bypass one-size-fits-all Guided Meditations and Self-Hypnosis Scripts- this is very specific to you!
  • Simply fill out a questionnaire to determine your ideal Guided Meditation or Self Hypnosis download.
  • Receive a digital recording that has YOU written all over it! It’s as if I’m communicating with your subconscious.

Once you purchase a hypnosis download, you’ll receive a questionnaire to fill out. After you fulfill the questionnaire, allow 5-7 days to receive your hypnosis track straight to your inbox with the email you provide. (ALL personal information is strictly concealed for your privacy.)

NOTE: (If you do not receive your personalized questionnaire in a few short minutes, please contact me here.)

IMPORTANT: You’re ordering a digital product, you will receive an email with your username and password after your purchase is complete so you can log into your account portal any time. From your account portal you’ll be able to listen and/or download your product. If you don’t see the email within 20 or 30 minutes, please check your spam folder or “other” folder (especially if you use gmail). If you still don’t receive it, email and we’ll sort it out ASAP!

REFUND POLICY: The Inspired Meditations download is a non-refundable digital product.


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