HEALTHY LIFESTYLE (Hypnosis & Meditation Bundle)


The Healthy Lifestyle bundle is designed to establish healthier habits, from stress relief and good sleep to breaking the common sugar habit. Start your morning with a Good Morning mediation and end it with Restorative Sleep hypnosis. You can feel fantastic about yourself through the entire process with The Gift of Self Acceptance meditation and the journey to your higher self.

  1. Highest Self (Guided Meditation)
  2. Healthy Lifestyle (Hypnosis)
  3. Good Morning Meditation
  4. The Gift of Self-Acceptance (Guided Meditation)
  5. Sugar Addiction (Hypnosis)
  6. Restorative Sleep (Hypnosis)



What you get: 6 Downloads!

  1. Highest Self (Guided Meditation): Stress can make challenges feel bigger than they are. Take this journey to recharge yourself and rise above with your highest-self perspective so that you can gain a sense of inner peace and comfort during stressful times.
  2. Healthy Lifestyle (Hypnosis): Healthy people put health first! In this hypnosis session you’ll be guided on a step-by-step imagery journey to your best possible, healthiest self. It’s like setting a GPS for vibrant health and being led directly to your ideal healthy life, from seeking support networks to consuming whole and natural foods.
  3. Good Morning Meditation: Combining positive affirmations with deep relaxation, you’ll start your day right with a good mood and high-vibe energy.
  4. The Gift of Self-Acceptance (Guided Meditation): Receiving high praise and positive feedback, this meditation is the unassuming hero, because we all truly need to see the gift that is us. This meditation allows you to discover the value within yourself and shine as your authentic self rather than tether your self-worth to the approval from others.
  5. Sugar Addiction (Hypnosis): Sugar and packaged foods are the enemy of good health. More foods today contain enormous amounts of sugar than ever before, even if they aren’t a typical “sweet food”. Sugar is a hidden culprit! This hypnotic session uses a powerful and fun metaphor to break the sugar habit. Also, including positive reinforcement for ways to balance your blood sugar, leading to stable mood and energy levels.
  6. Restorative Sleep (Hypnosis): When it’s time to sleep, do you find yourself awake with a steady stream of thoughts or nervous energy? Hypnosis can help! Hypnosis bridges the gap between wakefulness and deep sleep so that you transition easily and effortlessly into a peaceful slumber. On a subconscious level, this guided session gradually alleviates the reasons and root cause of why you got into a bad sleep pattern in the first place.


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REFUND POLICY: The Healthy Lifestyle Bundle is a non-refundable digital product.


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