Hello Friends,

My name is Laura Irwin

From the outside I looked like I had it all together.
Welcome! I’m assuming you’re here because you’ve heard a lot about meditation and want to see for yourself what all the fuss is about or you want to expand on your current practice (spice it up, put the passion back in). Perhaps you’ve tried meditation and you’re waiting for all the rainbows and glitter bombs to appear and makeover your life!

I’m here because all of this is possible (maybe not spontaneous glitter bombs). You can discover all the benefits that meditation promises! I specialize in guided meditations because I like faster results. The traditional meditation that fills the seconds, hours, and days of monks on mountaintops is not realistic for the 21st century, fast-paced lives we all lead. No. We cannot just turn off our life. We need inspiration! We need a guide. Inspired Meditations provides both!

I am passionate about meditation because it worked for me…and so many people I’ve had the pleasure of helping. yes, of course I have my own story about WHY meditation!

I think our society is finally getting on board with meditation and I’m here to lead a boat load of people to realize the potential of this one-size-fits-all self improvement tool. You can be living your best life with a heaping dose of meditation. I really want to stress “YOUR” best life. Most people are so out of tune with themselves they wouldn’t know what they truly want if it was a free buffet right in front of them. They pick and choose what looks good, but never get fulfilled. Guided Meditations quickly help you relax in a way that helps you view yourself honestly and directly as well as intuitively interact with the world around you.

Here’s that personal story I promised you​…with the punch line being about how well meditation worked for me. Keep in mind I almost exclusively use guided meditations whether I apply meditation to a short-term goal like addressing an issue promptly before I let it fester inside me for a month or tackle a long-term goal such as maintaining patience with my kids and having the clarity to pursue the goals that best suit my definition of personal success.

I’ll back things up a bit…THE STORY

I’ve always been interested in health and wellness. To feel whole and wholly good is a wonderful experience, but can be challenging to practice and commit to. Believe me, I understand.

​I think most people downplay their health and well-being, and do what I did: Underestimate the toll stress, anxiety, and busyness was taking on my health and well-being.

I’ve always been one to help others at the expense of helping myself. Even 10 years ago I had never heard the term self-care.

I thought I had it covered by eating right and exercising. As I would find out the hard way, I was not as invincible as Wonder Woman.

On the inside I was a mess- so messy I got Rheumatoid Arthritis and General Anxiety Disorder. Someone who ate healthy, never smoked, and “did the right things” now had to come to terms with a severe lack of stress relief and self-care with virtually no connection to my inner self.

I felt like I was running on adrenaline, nerves, and double espressos- not a fun place to be.

​After doing some research (credit to Google) of my own, I followed the science. Meditation was the missing piece!

​No matter where you are at on your journey in life, meditation is what I call a one-size-fits-all self-improvement tool.

I love helping people use this tool and discover how meditation can work specifically in their life where they need it most and for their lifestyle. Guided meditations make the process of accomplishing goals and achieving calm inner peace even easier!

My background:

  • I have a degree in Psychology, (A.A.S. & B.S.) with a focus on behavioral psychology, health psychology, and research. I also have a Human Resources Certificate and Hypnotic Communication Certificate.
  • I am a mom of 8 (2 kids, 2 dogs, 3 rabbits, 1 hamster).
  • None of my education can beat the people-experience I got as a bartender!
  • I continue to write about health and wellness in various publications- featured in Forbes as a Meditation Expert.


(P. S. None of the content on this website is designed to be used as a means of diagnosing or treating a medical condition). Kapeesh?!

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