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Welcome to Inspired Meditations. My name is Laura and I’m passionate about increasing the quality of your life’s journey by looking beyond the surface, discovering subconscious patterns that no longer serve you, and strengthening your inner resources through hypnosis and guided imagery.

As I was finishing my Psychology Degree, I found a fast and unexpected interest in hypnosis. I learned the art of hypnosis and used it to lose weight in college, ace tests and graduate with honors, and most of all, relax, which led me to begin a meditation practice too. I believe that hypnosis is targeted therapy and meditation is maintenance for a more balanced life.

I began working as a Human Resources Specialist. I forgot all about how much hypnosis and meditation had enriched my life until I was burned out, overwhelmed, a new mom and suddenly diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

I visited my integrative doctor who guided me in a hypnosis session for sleep. Soon, I was sleeping like a baby. The power and the peace I felt made a huge difference in my life and I knew I wanted to help people achieve the same.

I became reacquainted with Hypnosis in the best way possible- I chose the nation’s #1 Hypnotherapy school, Hypnosis Motivation Institute. In addition, I’ve received training and certifications in Energy Healing, Past Life Regression, Age Regression, Alchemical Hypnosis, and PTSD/Trauma. 

To keep from letting life and stress control me, I also encourage others to incorporate a mindfulness and meditation practice.

I integrate mind, body, and spirit into my guided meditations and hypnosis sessions. I know firsthand what it’s like to face challenges, but I believe we have everything we need within us to overcome and accomplish what we want. I want people to experience tapping into that!

If you’re ready for a boost in the right direction, contact me for a free consultation.

Peace and Be Well

(P. S. None of the content on this website is designed to be used as a means of diagnosing or treating a medical condition).

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