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Thank you for visiting this page. I’m Laura Irwin and I’m passionate about improving the quality of your life’s journey by strengthening your inner resources through meditation, hypnosis and guided imagery.

While studying Psychology, I discovered an interest in hypnosis and meditation. I was amazed how powerful these tools were compared to anything I was taught in school. After college, I continued my education and received training and certifications in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Energy Healing, Past Life Regression, and Mindfulness Coaching. 

As someone who has experienced burnout and autoimmune illness, I’ve now integrated mind, body, and spirit practices into my personal and professional life.

I help people process trauma, recover from chronic stress, overcome limiting beliefs and squash bad habits. I also live a fulfilling life reading books like a maniac, enjoying the heck out of my kids, spoiling 3 chihuahuas, and road-tripping my way through this beautiful world.

If you’re ready for a boost in the right direction, contact me for a free consultation.

Peace and Be Well

(P. S. None of the content on this website is designed to be used as a means of diagnosing or treating a medical condition).

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